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$81k - $120k est.
CA Los Angeles US

Head of Games/Studio position with a Web3 studio focused on immersive gaming, capitalizing on the explosive success of social gaming by offering super-cool free-to-play games that attract engaged communities w/an oppty for premium NFT experiences. In the world of entertainment, gaming reigns supreme. It's gone beyond the mainstream and become massive, bringing in revenues north of $200B worldwide - more than movies, TV and music combined.

Web3 is the next frontier, a super-interactive universe that lives in the hands of the users. Web3 gaming, which relies on blockchain technology, is approachable, infinitely expandable, and social all in one. By pairing games and NFT's, users can live the exact digital experience they want. Highlights include:

• Well funded from top tier VC's and investors that include: Mr. Beast, FaZe Clan, FaZe Banks, LazarBeam, FRESH just to name a few.

• Star-Studded team of Web3 natives Elliot Wainman of EllioTrades and Dave Murray have years of experience and legitimacy under their belts. They are rounded out by Web3 veterans that come w/decades of start-up experience and successful exits.

• One of the most successful NFT drops in history: Their Genesis Drop earned $28MM w/in 10 seconds, w/$3MM more in secondary royalty fees since and still earning.

• Mitigated Risk/high reward: With unlimited runway, the ventures portfolio have been de-risked and capitalized for execution and hyper growth.

• Big wins include: IMPOSTERS, their social deduction game that never ends.

Very well funded, led by visionary co-founders and a leadership team that is both accomplished and ambitious.

The selected Head of Games will build and lead the Game Studio, report to the COO and work closely with Co-Founder and Web3 Game visionary Dave Murray.

With three years of runway, a product roadmap and a go-to-market strategy in place, it is the perfect time for a skilled and motivated PC games development leader to become its Head of Games. Even though the first game, Impostors, is well into the mid-stage of its development and less than a year from launch, the game studio is still a blank canvas.

This is a get-your-hands-dirty, manage + execute role with a lean team. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of shipping, launching and operating commercially successful PC Multiplayer games titles.

Key Responsibilities and Deliverables

  • Introduce sustainable development processes and best practices ensuring development efforts are on point and by acting as a conduit of communication across development.
  • Influence and partner with the Leadership Team and other internal partners to enable a best-in-class creators to develop and operate extraordinary games.
  • Oversee project schedules, productivity towards milestones, and production pathways. Monitor overall development and budgetary considerations.
  • Identify and establish required asset pipelines on the production side to ensure timely delivery of assets as needed to promote and publish the finished product. Oversees the review, comments and approval of milestone submissions.
  • Create a culture that promotes collaboration, continuous feedback, support and empowerment. Set clear goals for the team and hold employees accountable for deliverables; recognize and reward employees for solid performance.
  • Recruit high-caliber talent and foster a culture that promotes the constant development of expertise across the studio.

Critical Selection Criteria – The Must-Haves

  • Commercial Success in Multiplayer PC Games: Titles built, launched and monetized. Candidates with exceptional multiplayer console games would be considered--but not pure mobile/casual.
  • Game Design & Development Leadership: Blend of Tech & Creative chops. Built and led game dev (engineering, design and product) teams. o Expert-level understanding of the game dev process w/ hands-on experience leading dev teams.
  • Excellent understanding of the function and relationship between the different departments of game dev.
  • Knowledge/experience w/ oversight of scheduling and project tracking systems like Jira
  • Ability to foresee/mitigate key game dev risks, e.g., scope, budget, staffing and quality.
  • Operations/LiveOps Knowledge/Experience: Made the trains, games and teams run on time, ideally at scale.
  • Proven Leader w/ Gravitas & Guts: A problem solver who embraces challenges and has the courage & presence to take a position and defend it with data and insights.
  • Startup Veteran: Entrepreneurial bent, agile, scrappy, resourceful; not fazed by chaos and ambiguity and ideally, worked with and for Founders?
  • Excellent Collaborator & Communicator: Able to present (verbal & written), adept at addressing a diverse audience of team members, executives/board, press, etc.

The Nice-To-Haves

● Encore Performer: Will consider an exceptionally skilled step-up candidate but prefer a been-there-done-that Games Lead.

● Successfully shipped award-winning or top-selling Multiplayer PC games

● Been through growth/hypergrowth and have ideally been part of a company that achieved scale

● Experience w/ or passion for Web3 / NFT / Blockchain?

● Lives in proximity to LA. The team is fully remote, but ideally, the Hd. of Gaming will spend ample time with the LA-based leadership team. If not LA, then West Coast is preferred.

Personality & Cultural Fit

● A Positive Attitude

Autonomous. Self-starter who is proactive and requires minimal direction.

Drive, Hustle & Work Ethic. A competitor who wants to win; High Energy with a steadfast work ethic; loves getting s__t done!

Entrepreneurial spirit: Loves to build from scratch and wants to be involved in the business at every level, from the nitty-gritty details to high-level, long-term strategy.

● Collaborative Team Player who brings a sense of humility and accountability as a leader. Partnered with leaders and teams across the company and inspired others to do great work.

Results-Driven. Thrives on metrics-driven systems and process, delivering, and execution; is highly accountable and holds others accountable.

Confident & Resourceful (without being arrogant) Leader able to inspire and empower those that work for them and those they work with

A creative visionary who wants to explore unchartered territory creating new and exciting Web3 experiences.

Passion for the future of Web3 and the overarching ethos of blockchain, emphasizing decentralization and empowering a self-directed community