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Community Manager Solana Growth Media Marketing

Manan AI | Babylon Voice, SummeTimes
$60k - $100k

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Babylon Voice by Manan AI was founded by Ph.D. CEO and team of Gen Z & Millennial devs, traders, AI scientists, Ph.D. and media experts with Stanford, MIT, Discord, MTV, Google, NVidia, Intel, Revolut, Amazon, Uber, Disney, and Telegram backgrounds, advised by the ex-partner Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Solana. Growing Community of supporters from Zoom, Youtube, Tesla, Twitter, Apple, Spotify, Metaplex & Solana.
Top-25 Al-Startups in NYC. EXPERT team with a REAL product. Grants from Amazon, Nvidia, OpenAI (Microsoft), Spotify, and Deloitte.
We're looking for a full-time Community Manager Solana - Growth Media Marketing

Babylon voice is a WEB3: Voice for Metaverse (Ownership Economy) as Media Wallet - mobile-first way for proof of ownership with Digital Identity. Mission is to be a bridge to Web3, Ownership Economy, Digital Access Management for Income, and use Al superpowers to augment Human Intelligence to make best decisions in our increasingly complex world.

Babylon Voice reached over 10x growth in the past 3 months, and is expanding rapidly! Our next step is a mobile-first way for proof of ownership and Media Wallet with Digital Identity: decentralized AI for Synthetic Content is Secured, and Communities are driven by privacy, membership, and rewards on WEB3. Media Wallet, based on Solana Protocol allows creators, marketplaces, and partners to easily mint, and share content with a decentralized order book. We build a strategic framework for the impact of content, empower creators with applications of synthetic media AI-generators, digital access management, beautification, and automation for content, to democratize and amplify human creativity, ownership economy. WEB3, AI for creators as decentralized Bloomberg & Hollywood for Games, Video, NFT, virtual personas, immersive experiences: Summary & Voice clones etc. We imply cutting-edge ML/AI for STT, TTS, STS, NLP, CVPR, Style transfer using Cycle-GAN and Recycle-GAN summarization, Semantic search, Speech recognition, Language translation, NER and Synthetic Media Generation. A collaborative fiction with Open AI, Facebook AI to explore our common creator's humanity. Target: B2B, B2C, Entertainment, Customer Service, Advertising, Compliance, Security, Privacy for Non-Pornographic DeepFake.

Why Join Us:

  • We're a fully distributed team with a New York HQ. Flexible work with a flexible schedule. We support a growth mindset, perks include paper publications and mentorship, and internships from top researchers in the field.
  • Open to candidates internationally, No-micromanagement environment for highly self-sufficient individuals.
  • We're a remote-first company with competitive benefits and perks; all the roles are open for global talent.
  • Join our decentralized, motivated, and fully remote team building the Web3 of the future.

Responsibilities and what we are looking for:

Social channels management (Twitter, Discord)

  • Twitter: We are looking for someone who will wake up and go to bed thinking about how to grow engagement on Twitter. They should be well-versed in the latest news/trends regarding Web3, Metaverse, NFTs, crypto, and DeFi. This individual should have practiced scaling a social media account from scratch. They will be responsible for tweeting, scheduling, and facilitating Twitter Spaces, and forging partnerships with thought leaders in the space to drive recognition among holders collectors, traders, degens, and creators
  • Discord: We are looking for someone to grow community loyalty. They will be responsible for tasks including collecting feedback, soliciting product improvement ideas, generating excitement sharing news, stimulating conversation, and curating private events and hangouts Social listening
  • Across both channels, this individual will be the point of contact to monitor and report on social sentiment on a daily basis. Tasks may include: competitor analysis, proactively identifying top to list, surfacing relevant news/trends to the team, escalating potential crises, and sharing major complaints that warrant a response
  • This individual will not be the point of contact for responding to individual customer complaints/inquiries but will liaise with mods and cluster them into trends for the team to understand Performance measurement & management
  • Set goals for both Twitter and Discord. Track program performance goals through data measurement tools and dashboards, focusing on engagement
  • Implement new technologies across Twitter and Discord to improve performance
    • Initial work could be done remotely with daily Zoom standups with full team and in person meetings
  • Preferably you would be located and work in our New York, NY office
  • ### About You: The ideal candidate should embody the following characteristics:
  • Existing community management experience
  • Practice scaling Twitter and/or Discord communities with significant follower bases (100K+)
  • Consistency in responding to messages quickly and comprehensively
  • An attitude of openness and inclusion seeks to build community with people across all backgrounds (country, race, gender, religion, etc)
  • A global mindset-ideally someone who has either worked internationally or had experience managing a global community Crypto / NFT expertise Knowledge and passion for NFTs, with preference for Solana NFT knowledge A strong voice that is casual enough to resonate with the culture of NFT / crypto while still exuding professionalism Entrepreneurialism Strong written and verbal communication skills Entrepreneurial mindset and ability to operate autonomously in an unstructured start-up environment Data analytics chops
  • Ability to maneuver social media tools to glean trends, statistics, and insights
  • Experience presenting data-driven community insights to team members

We work with data from a wide variety of sources including text, voice, news, twits & stories. The team has several US professors as advisors with expertise in Web3, Blockchain, AI/ML, and stochastic control who provide mentorship. Your contributions will drive content discovery and personalization through media, AI, DeFi, Dapps, Metverse interactions across devices (e.g. iPhone, Meta, Alexa, Google Home, etc.), and automotive products. AI: Real-Time Zero-Shot for 30+ languages, it takes 7 sec to clone/beauty your Voice, 3D Avatar (40+ Models for 600+ hours, 34X faster process)

Pilot companies with Solana, Republic, Rarible, and Buzzfeed, Vice, Reddit, Webull, Kraken, Uber, Bloomberg, Disney, Chanel, Estee Lauder, NBCUniversal, Hearst, Viacom, Verizon, Universal Music Group, Spectrum, Publicis Group, Havas, The New York Times, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citi Group, CNBC. We have a partnership with Zoom, Discord - summary, and voice masks in different languages for translation service. And white label as Market-Making publisher and finance newsmaker for 1M users - that is a news summary service compared Robinhood Snaks, Morning Brew. We have tested new markets, AI has successfully targeted no 60M U.S. users (800M Global, Serviceable Obtainable Market $8B).

Manan AI | Babylon Voice, SummeTimes focuses on Mobile, Digital Media, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.