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Founder's office

$57k - $16k

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Role ++

This role is a founder' s office role and like no other. Startups are hard. The fancy things you read in newspapers - exactly opposite of that. You spend day uncovering new problems and solutions.
Your key success metrics here are
1/ Supporting the growth & velicity of the company
2/ Support my energy levels so we use the time well across strategic vs operational rigour.

Know those entrepreneurs in residence roles ? Well this is as close as it gets to that. Looking for someone to shadow the founder and co-execute the parallel tracks in the company. It's a 200% full time job, in an exceedingly fast paced setup. Only for the strong hearted. The experience of 1 year would be like 4 years compressed in timeline, with the kind of responsibility that will be placed on you, which means that you will have to manage your own learning curve, learn to use the coaching & mentorship given to you, well enough.

What to know how this role transitions in industry ? Read this.

In short, its a shadow leadership role - where you cross cut between strategy, revenue , operations, Business growth, Marketing strategy. It’s like being a partner in crime for the Leadership team that you are supporting, and often that means that you will work on very open ended problem statements.

*Overall attributes *

Experience in startups / MBA is an asset, though what we look for the range & depth of thinking & problem solving.
Ability to understand & interpret the “ask behind the ask” - to be able to define the “ask itself” when given a HL problem statement such as “Come up with a content strategy for GTM/ organic community pull” - See also problem statements below.
Strong communication skills , commitment and a drive to learn
Great Organization skills and helping organize the team you support.
Ability to analyze any generic problem statement, put structure and focus on the most important parts first.
Great at generic problem solving, ability to shadow and orchestrate the conversations on behalf of the founding team.
Able to apply similar learnings to different problems
Ability to work with little direction, make most of your mentor’s time, ability to understand when you are stuck and need help
Very strongly entrepreneurial, committed and biased for action.
Any broad Bachelors stream helps - but what matters most is the sheer hunger to learn, take feedback as a gift, and wanting to outdo yourself.
An understanding of the crypto space is an asset, though not mandatory

Roles & responsibilities

This is a horizontal cross functional role and in this you will manage and help scale the founding team and other teams (Sales, BD, Product Marketing) . Think of this as a Mini rotational program and you will move between the following broad streams Operations, Sales support, supporting our Content & Product marketing strategy, Hiring and external engagement.

In this role, you will work directly with the founder (Ekta)
Ekta herself did a similar Sr role last year and here are her observations

Broad Academic background

  • A deep problem solving mindset
  • Strong generalist and well managed to context switch between multiple tasks
  • A mix of formal/ informal mathematical, economics, research & analysis background preferred

Your first few engagements

If you were on board at this moment - your first assignment would have been to write this JD !! In that no task is beyond you. And write so that we can get the right set of people for the same, and not just a classic, bland "JD".

At any point of time you will shift from strategic to tactical to operational. So, the most important part is to KNOW yourself and how you manage your own energy and move with little direction without asking for specifics. When you do ask for specifics, you will ask the MOST discriminating inputs, to make the most of our catch ups. Also, in this role, you will READ a lot, talk to a lot of Sr. specialists that I will intro you to plug your thinking with market perspective, so you need to naturally enjoy talking to, orchestrating conversations and learning quickly with people.

You will shift between the marketing, strategy, operations, creativity, Product manager, Hiring, growing the team, supporting fund raise - essentially this role is for people who thrive at dabbling different problem statements and have a strong lens to “earning the execution arm” - Even though you may not be an engineer, when you shadow a call, you understand the deliverables and can track them meaningfully, or when working on website launch, are able to bring enough GTM & user led thinking to help the launch.

  • Support competitive analysis , market positioning and study other similar products in Blockchain intelligence
  • Do practical deep research on these areas and present your recommendations
  • Shortlist and groom Business opportunities to help us expand (Growth hacking)
  • Set & track right metrics towards our launch plan (Technical + dashboarding with AWS and tools - you will be provided Tech support)
  • Generate blogs & content that will be used in Website (with your own name) - the base content will be provided and you will have to make it camera ready
  • Evaluate the product narrative positioning basis references - and other open ended problem solving assignments.
  • Evaluate open ended asks to support our Go To market plan (eg : prospecting support for Sales, bringing clarity to the workstream by filling the team back in etc)

You could be working on being in a few calls with sr mentors, then working with other folks to convert those to assets (eg : blogs/ other kind of content), where you shortlist the person, maange the budgets, get the budgets reimbursed (from us), to managing the quality of the assets to any hiccups along the way. You could be helping drive follow up for customer calls, planning the week, helping prioritize what needs to be sequenced and what kind of people (consultants etc are needed for that). You could be literally helping us incorporate as a company in a new geography, or doing account based research on a few of our customers to help with GTM + sales call. You will build alliances with external folks such as Journalist, crypto research analysts and drive the company FORWARD.

In short you BRING solutions and manage all the complexity yourself, with inputs from me, and also proactively managing your own ramp up and suggesting who you want to be monitored from (if external)

In this role, you naturally become a catch all for a lot of co-moving tasks (which is why I BADLY need you to support me)

*What we look for *

College doesn't matter. What matters is what you have done and extreme hunger to learn, push yourself & being entrepreneurial, common sense & humility to understand what to do when you are stuck. Commitment & responsibility. Should have started up DNA as lived experiences, professionally or side project, doesn't matter.

Your screening & next steps
You will have a short take home assignment as a part of screening that you will receive after your profile is shortlisted. It should not take you more than 2 hours to solve the same. You can use rough notes/excel/ppt etc for the discussion on the same.

Supermind focuses on Enterprise Software, Blockchains, and Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in Bengaluru. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at