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Canada, USA, UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Remote

About Informal Security

Informal Security is the security auditing arm of Informal Systems. Our clients include top blockchain projects like Anoma, Celestia, dYdX, Polymer, Skip, and more. We place high value on quality and a deep understanding of protocol security guarantees. We work with our clients to specify their protocols and invariants and review their code for compliance.

We have also pioneered the development of a more modern approach to formal specification and model checking designed to delight software engineers and integrate into existing workflows. We believe every software engineer should have access to the power of formal methods, without needing a PhD. We developed the Apalache model checker (an alternative model checker for the popular TLA+ specification language) as well as the new specification language Quint.

Informal Systems is itself a remote-first company with offices in Toronto, Lausanne, Vienna and Berlin. We are structured like a worker’s cooperative, where important corporate actions are subject to one-person-one-vote democratic control by the member-employees. Our mission is to foster trust in software and money.

About The Role

We’re developing Quint, a new formal specification language designed to delight engineers and to make invariant checking second nature for software development. Quint is based on the Temporal Logic of Actions, with modern and familiar syntax and tooling. Quint comes preloaded with a REPL, a simulator, and integration with the SMT-based model checker Apalache. Quint is designed to provide a superior environment for describing and reasoning about protocols, and for generating and executing tests against software. Our goal is for it to become the standard for docs, specs, and testing of software and protocols across industries.

Quint has proven useful to us time and again in software development and auditing, but producing Quint specs and integrating them with codebases remains expensive. We are now focused on reducing the time-to-value of Quint by leveraging machine learning and synthesis techniques to auto-generate specifications and test-drivers from code to make Quint more immediately useful for advanced fuzzing and bug-finding.

We're looking for someone with deep expertise in Solidity, programming language design, and formal methods to advance Quint and its application to smart contract security.

What your primary responsibilities will be:

  • Design, implement, test, and maintain improvements to the Quint language and tooling (Typescript)
  • Advance the Quint simulator and Apalache integration to intelligently explore complex state spaces to find bugs
  • Design and develop high-impact applications of Quint to Solidity contracts
  • Support Quint users and nurture Quint’s open-source community
  • Help usher in a new era of secure software engineering using formal specifications

What we look for in a successful developer for Quint:

  • 3+ years of software development experience with familiarity with open-source and mainstream languages
  • 2+ years of Solidity development and security experience
  • Strong background in formal methods, language design, and/or compiler engineering
  • Familiarity with formal specification languages and model checkers
  • Deep passion for building high-impact developer tools and improving smart contract security
  • Ability to work effectively in a diverse, remote-first, and international team environment
  • Proven ability to contribute innovative ideas and solutions.

Some of our benefits include:

  • A unique, caring and friendly culture (learn more about how we work
  • 25 days (5 weeks) of paid vacation annually, plus 3 Spiritual Days
  • Company closure from December 25th to January 1
  • Annual Life>
  • A remote-first, flexible work environment
  • A home-office stipend to set you up for success
  • Annual company retreats
  • Paid parental leave
  • ….. and many more!

To Apply:

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We are an equal-opportunity employer and value diversity in our organization. We are committed to equal employment opportunities and encourage applications from people of all race, religion, colour, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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