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Software Engineer nxyz


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Software Engineer, nxyz

Flexible (United States) /
Nxyz – Software Engineering /

Apply for this job is a Series A company funded by Paradigm, Sequoia, and Greylock with a mission to  build world class infrastructure for the blockchain.

We are currently a small team of seasoned engineers plus the CEO, Sridhar Ramaswamy. We have tremendous experience in large scale distributed systems; having built some of the largest, fastest and most heavily used systems in the world. From the indexing and serving system for Google Search to the Ads systems for Google and Youtube – each of which process billions of requests every single day and make tens of billions of dollars of revenue each year – the founding team at had a foundational impact on them all. 

Our vision is to make blockchain data processing simple and reliable. We are starting out by creating real time, flexible access to blockchain data that hides the complexities of running nodes, executing contract code, understanding finalities/rollbacks, and dealing with checkpointing and failures.

We’re building a world-class team for both scaling our infrastructure and for working directly with customers to help shape the product.

How you’ll impact our company:

    • Design and optimize infrastructure to accommodate large scale data and queries.
    • Deploy, monitor, and maintain large distributed systems to maximize both availability and customer-facing performance metrics.
    • Analyze on- and off- chain data to gauge importance and trustworthiness of actors in Web3.
    • Work directly with customers to understand and accommodate their needs in a scalable way.

What we’re looking for:

    • Computer Science (or similar) degree
    • 1+ years of software engineering experience
    • Experience with cloud technologies (e.g. AWS or Kubernetes)
    • Hunger for exploring and learning
    • (Bonus) Experience designing and building distributed systems
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