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$45k - $70k

Growth Marketer

$45k - $70k

This job is closed

About the Company

SuperWorld is the Virtual World in augmented reality, mapped onto the real world, and allowing users to create, discover, and monetize content in AR. SuperWorld's virtual real estate platform ( allows users to buy virtual plots of land anywhere in the world, share in revenue generated by user activity, and become a key stakeholder on our platform. Additionally, our mobile application allows users and brands to personalize the real world by adding anything anywhere in augmented reality with interactive 3D objects, photos, videos, audio, texts, and share the AR experience with their followers.

About the Job

SuperWorld is looking for a Growth Marketer to help with our Growth Marketing efforts.

The responsibilities of the role are the following:

- Design, build, implement, and iterate over tracking, with the development team, for website and marketing campaigns using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc
- Design, build, implement, and iterate over paid advertising campaigns using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and others
- Create & automate reporting for website & marketing performance
- Analyze data to extract insights that will help drive growth from various sources: Google Analytics, marketing platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads, HotJar, and other internal data
- Recommend actions based on insights - including business actions or even data capture processes
- Monitor KPI performances and communicate to key stakeholders.

In short, we need your help with building better business intelligence to Build a Better World! That is the mission of SuperWorld.


An ideal candidate for this role should have:
- Professional experience in building dashboards with a keen grasp of data visualization
- Advanced Google Analytics skills in tracking - e.g. conversion goal setup
- Experience with Google Optimize & Google Tag Manager
- Experience with paid advertising, performance, and display marketing in general
- Experience with experiment analysis
- Knowledgeable about A/B testing math
- Familiarity with common marketing metrics
- Experience with product analysis or marketing channel analysis - a plus if in a fast-growing startup.

Nice to have

- Basic knowledge of blockchain (crypto wallets, blockchain networks, etc)
- Basic knowledge of AR and VR
- Hands-on experience with SQL & Python coding
- Community-facing experience in typical Web 3 channels such as Discord and Telegram.