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$36k - $60k est.
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Developer Advocate

You will be joining a company on a mission to become the most used, green friendly, enterprise-grade public ledger for the decentralized economy in the world. Enabling a platform where anyone can colab, gather, conduct business and manage their own footprint.

The role:

As a Developer Advocate your job is to be on the edge of the newest developments within the web3/blockchain ecosystem. You will stay up to date decentralized network tech and news for a variety of industries. You will act as the bridge between the organization and its relevant developer community or communities, as well as representing the voice of the partners and the developers.

  • Being the technical product expert
  • Staying updated on the latest developments in the blockchain ecosystem, while being able to share to internal and external partners
  • Understanding developer user journeys as well as how to onboard new users
  • Working with the product and engineering teams
  • Defining use case best practices
  • Engaging and enabling developers through popular social media platforms
  • Participating in and recording educational podcasts and video tutorials
  • Speaking at technical meetups and conferences


Should be able to utilize their vast technical skills and knowledge, to effectively assist projects and make suggestions for product improvements.

  • Solid and diverse engineering skills, with a good understanding of current development in technology
  • Experience developing decentralized applications on public or private networks, especially using EVM-compatible networks
  • Used web3 development tools: Hardhat, Truffle, Open Zeppelin, etc.
  • Great Social Skills
  • Very social, a willingness and desire to make connections while meeting and talking with people
  • Strong English verbal and written communication skills