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About the book

This book is not an assortment of ZK topics. It is an opinionated subset about what you need to know to actually code a practical zero knowledge prover and verifier (ZK-SNARK) from scratch.

There is a different between having conceptual understanding of something and having a concrete understanding. Most reasonably smart people get a conceptual understanding of something after reading a tutorial, but they are still a long way off from doing something useful with that knowledge.

For a mathematician, a concrete understanding happens when they write a proof. For a programmer, a concrete understanding happens when they write functioning code.


The RareSkills Book of Zero Knowledge is heavily geared towards the programmer seeking to obtain a concrete understanding. Our book is full of code snippets and demonstrates the use of actual cryptography libraries. We make use of math notation, but we write it in such a way that translating it to source code is only a small leap.


Groth16 is the algorithm used by tornado cash (and many others) for implementing zero knowledge proofs on-chain. We believe it is an optimal starting point for your learning journey, and our book is the most direct route to fully understanding the algorithm.

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