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$80k - $220k

Hey! We’re buildspace — we’re the world’s largest network of web3 builders.

Backed by a16z and Y-Combinator.

🚜 Traction

We started working on buildspace 6-months ago and have grown to over 55,000 devs. We’re partnered with the world’s top protocols like the Ethereum Foundation, Solana, Avalanche, and Polygon. We’ve also partnered w/ the world’s top web3 companies who hire from within buildspace like Alchemy, Uniswap, ThirdWeb, OpenSea, and 40 others.

🤘 The Role

We’ve 7 people and never had a designer on our team!

We’ve gotten by but now are struggling to evolve our product while at the same time thinking through the design choices. We’re looking for a person that can lead design at buildspace. Example of stuff you might be working on:

Designing our “treasury page” for our engineers to create that’d show off how much $ the treasury has, existing proposals, current proposals being voted on, etc. Kinda like a dashboard for our DAO and it’s members. Constantly iterating on our landing page/messaging and building your ideas yourself on Webflow or whatever other no-code tool you like. We want you to design and ship to users. Creating an onboarding flow for users that don’t have a wallet already. Web3 is super early, we’re figuring out how to improve at UI/UX every day for users not familiar w// crypto and you’d be at the center of that.