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$63k - $80k est.
CA San Francisco US

GrowYourBase (GYB) is a leading global metaverse developer across all major worlds and communities, starting with The Sandbox. The Sandbox is a user-generated gaming platform where creators can create assets and gaming experiences to monetize them on the Ethereum blockchain. Imagine Minecraft meets Roblox on the blockchain.

In order to achieve the goal of being the preeminent metaverse builder, GYB is building an industry-leading low-poly and voxel game development studio. GYB’s games and experiences are known for their innovative concepts, stunning visuals, and addictive gameplay. The cherry on top is the play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics that reward users with NFT’s and tokens for their engagement.

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the gaming industry. Join us in the revolution, one voxel at a time.

Job Description

As a Vox Artist, you are responsible for designing and creating 3D voxel assets that will go into the Sandbox game levels and metaverse experiences that we design. This may include player and non-player avatars, environment assets, and required animations. We’re looking for someone who has a keen eye for aesthetics, attention to detail, and creativity to build our in-game game assets.

To apply

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and attach portfolio of your relevant work


  • 2+ years of experience in creating voxels for games and/or metaverses

  • Attention to detail

  • Knowledge about general game design concepts and game logic

  • Comfortable creating many quick sketches that explore possible directions

  • Be on the pulse of innovations on Voxel art and be open to applying and trying new ideas and features

  • Clear communication, organized, and autonomous

  • Excellent written and spoken English

  • Ability to manage deadlines and prioritize effectively

  • Ability to learn in a fast environment and collaborate remotely via Discord, Zoom/Google Meet

  • Familiar with Google Workspace suite of products, including Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets

Nice to Have:

  • Prior experience with The Sandbox

  • Leadership experience

  • Knowledge about cryptogames

  • Experience with P2E gaming business models

  • Knowledge about tokenomics and/or game incentive mechanisms