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Kurtosis is writing the next chapter in the history of software development. The story of computer science is one of abstraction layers built over abstraction layers: 0's and 1's become assembly code, C becomes Java, CPUs become the personal computer, and Kubernetes becomes Kurtosis. By building an end-to-end environment control platform for the entire development cycle, Kurtosis allows individual developers to prototype, test, and iterate on a distributed system as a whole - saving massive amounts of developer time and unlocking workflows that were previously impossible. Our target use cases encompass any distributed system development work - including microservices, distributed databases, or sensor fleets. However, we are starting in a smaller, targeted niche: web3. No space needs next-generation distributed system development technology more than the blockchain space, where our initial users and customers are building the future of finance. Kurtosis users include Ava Labs, Solana, Chainlink, NEAR, and the Ethereum Foundation. Notably, the Ethereum Foundation is using Kurtosis to test The Merge from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake: the hardest software migration in the history of software.

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Business Development Lead

Kurtosis Technologies
$90k - $100k est.

This job is closed

We’re looking for a Business Development Lead to help grow our base of users within the web3 space via direct outbound outreach, developer relations, and partnerships.

About the role

  • Location: Fully remote
  • Employment type: Full-time

As a Business Development Lead, you will work directly with our CEO and Product Team to:

  • Accelerate the growth of our presence in web3 development communities by forging new strategic partnerships and establish relationships with developer communities
  • Research & connect to emerging web3 ecosystems to discover new opportunities for user growth for the product
  • Execute direct outbound outreach to technical teams to engage new opportunities & establish partnerships
  • Be the first line of contact for both inbound and intro calls for business opportunities
  • Build the pipeline, & source candidates for, our first cohort of clients for our paid cloud SaaS offering
  • Set the standard and foundations for the future of the Business Development team (one does not exist yet - you’d be our first member and therefore will play a critical role in building this organization from the ground up)

Responsibilities over the first year:

  • Responsibilities on Day 0
    • Find, via self-led research and engagement, web3 projects that would benefit from Kurtosis as-is or in the near future AND identifying ways to get the conversation started with their teams to evangelize and spur adoption of Kurtosis.
      • Communities/architectures in scope:
        • L1s (EVM and non-EVM alike)
        • L2s
        • Oracles
        • Cross-chain messaging protocols
        • Complex dApps

    • Maintain relationships in the early stages via Telegram groups, Slack channels, email threads with organizations who we can partner with in order to either:
      • Schedule “discovery” calls to learn about pain points that Kurtosis could help with in the future (e.g. learn about their world and roadmap)
      • Schedule “engagement” calls to start evangelizing Kurtosis off the bat (e.g. convince them to adopt Kurtosis right now)
      • Set clear expectations for and propose strategic, productive engagement models with your counterparties at organizations we wish to collaborate with (e.g. establishing productive win-win relationships)
    • Identify opportunities for, and help our engineers scope out, V0 Kurtosis packages and open-source contributions to gift to communities we wish to engage with. The intent here is to show these communities what is possible with Kurtosis in the context of their world so as to spark the conversation and get initial interest from their users
    • Prepare demos, blogs, marketing materials (e.g. slides) for initial calls with open-source project maintainers or customers
  • Exceeding Expectations in first 90 days
    • Actively grow the Kurtosis user base through a number of communities and committed engagements, to the point that a cohesive Kurtosis community begins to form independently of end-user communities
    • Build the beginning of an inbound “cloud services” pipeline, with qualification criteria that predictably converts to dealflow for cloud services
    • Establish effective community engagement materials, such that new users are well-equipped to get started on their own via publicly available and easily findable documentation, marketing material, and other forms of content.
    • Fill the calendars of our product managers and engineers with 3-5 user interviews a week, each to establish a consistent, user feedback loop.
  • Success in the first year looks like:
    • Establishing BD processes and GTM motions where we are effectively reaching hundreds of new developers, within the niches we aim to serve with our OSS offering, about Kurtosis every week
    • Usage and dealflow, initially generated by this role, is high enough to demand a larger BD organization to handle.

These responsibilities are just the beginning. We are growing our team, and will encourage you to grow with the company.

About you

You will thrive as a Business Development Lead at Kurtosis if you have:

  • A strong preference for operating in a chaotic environment with quick changes
  • A strong preference for creating your own weekly TODO lists out of north star direction, rather than fitting into an already established repeatable process
  • The drive to send cold emails, messages, or other content to prospects, and face the high percentage rejection that direct outreach entails. Preferably previous experience with cold outreach.
  • A passion for exploring, researching, and engaging with the web3 community from core protocol engineering teams to dApp developers. Preferably previous experience with hackathons or conferences in web3
  • You are positive, open-minded, driven, open to feedback, and have a collaborative personality with excellent communication skills.