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$119k - $120k est.
Berlin Berlin Germany

We’re looking for an experienced software engineer to join the team responsible for Hardhat - our flagship product (5.7k stars on GitHub). Hardhat is a development environment for Ethereum software. It consists of different components for editing, compiling, debugging, and deploying smart contracts and dApps, all working together to create a complete development environment.

This is a fully-remote role, and we’re open to candidates applying within UTC-3 to UTC+4 timezones.

There are two challenges that we focus on:

  1. As Ethereum continues to evolve, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible and keeping Hardhat at the forefront of innovation and up-to-date.

  2. With Hardhat’s user base growing rapidly (70-100K MAU), we see every bug report and feature request as an opportunity to improve and deliver an exceptional experience. By staying on top of these challenges, we are constantly raising the bar for ourselves and inspiring others to do the same.

In this role, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with our Hardhat Team Lead to create cutting-edge functionality, eliminate bugs, and provide solutions for any issues that arise. You'll play a vital role in upholding our commitment to open-source software by actively contributing to the repository and collaborating with fellow developers, listening to feedback, and incorporating new ideas into our codebase, ensuring our software remains relevant and impactful. Through your efforts, you'll help us maintain our reputation for excellence and inspire others to join us in our mission.

The skills we look for:

  • Familiarity with the Ethereum ecosystem is required, as Hardhat is a key component of Ethereum developer tooling. Understanding how its different parts fit together is important for making sound technical decisions and tackling challenges effectively

  • At least 5 years of experience as a software engineer

  • Prior experience with dApp or Solidity development

  • Knowledge and experience with Node.js and TypeScript

  • We work remotely and mostly asynchronously, so the ability to take ownership and work with minimal direction is crucial

  • Prior experience working in a remote and globally-distributed environment

Tech stack:

  • TypeScript

  • Node.js

  • Ethereum / EVM

  • Solidity

  • Ethers.js

The advantages you can attain from this opportunity:

  • You’ll have a chance to work on a core component of the Ethereum stack and support the entire Ethereum ecosystem to be more productive

  • Contribute to Ethereum as a project

  • Service the needs of high-profile projects that use Hardhat

  • All of your work will be open-source, and you’ll have the chance to collaborate with other open-source projects (both inside and outside Ethereum)