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Lead Product Manager Tokenomics

Ianuly Talent Accelerators
$36k - $90k est.

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Our client aims to empower the world to build a more open and inclusive internet. They created a way to decentralize and democratize access to connectivity and financial services for all. It’s a new web3 telecommunications layer that coordinates, tokenizes, and financializes ownership of the entire telecom ecosystem.

At its core, our client is a native blockchain that acts as a Decentralized Internet Access Layer (“DIAL”) that aggregates existing corporate and community-owned network assets via a set of protocols that turn bandwidth into a global, digital asset, thus enabling the formation of a decentralized connectivity economy, accessible to anyone, owned by everyone.

Position The company is seeking an experienced product leader to develop its web3 product vision, strategy, and roadmap. The Lead Product Manager, Tokenomics will leverage their expertise in financial modeling, statistical analysis, decentralized finance, and token economics to define the vision and roadmap for their token economy.

Company Values

Thinking in possibilities: Our client realizes that most in the world see the world in terms of everything that is not possible. They believe the future is made by those who look at what is possible. Seeing a path of what is possible through all that is not possible requires intellectual curiosity, dedication, and diligence. They are big thinkers and believers but also pragmatists focused on relentless execution. Integrity of word, thought, and action: Integrity is in what is behind our clients' words, thoughts, and actions. They help themselves and others to stay close to why they do things, so they can align, together, for the highest purpose. Diversity of perspectives: A good discussion is one that at the end, has all participants feel that the other participants understood them, even if they have different ideas. This requires trust, vulnerability, and compassion. Our client believes organizations, where people can truly co-create, will thrive and excel. Winning with purpose: They are mission-first and realize that winning is a requirement to achieve lasting change that benefits all of humanity. Even though they love to compete for good, we know winning itself is not the same as success, it’s needed to succeed. Ownership is key: When they own their successes and failures, their best qualities, and flaws, they can truly work in a team, as a team. Ownership unlocks greatness as a team because it enables them to support and be supported. The excellence of being: Excellence is an expression of being, of what they want for themselves and others. It is passion turned into action. Our client shares a desire to learn and excel while being comfortable with failing. Excellence comes out when they're courageously open about what they desire for this world. Unity in consciousness: They/you understand that they are all one. They are all working towards moving humanity forward in their own unique ways. Our client firmly believes that there is infinitely more that unites them than that separates them. Their work is to bring that out in the world.