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About Wintermute 

Wintermute is one of the largest crypto-native algorithmic trading companies in digital assets. We provide liquidity algorithmically across most cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms, a broad range of OTC trading products as well as support high profile blockchain projects and traditional financial institutions moving into crypto. We actively participate in the development of the blockchain ecosystem through investments, partnerships, and incubation of projects. 

Wintermute was founded in 2017 by industry leaders and has successfully navigated multiple crypto industry cycles. Culturally, we combine the best of the two worlds: the technology standards of high-frequency trading firms in traditional markets and the innovative and entrepreneurial culture of technology startups. Read more here.

Working at Wintermute  

We are looking for a Frontend Engineer who is passionate about building products/applications that people find useful and enjoy using. At Wintermute you will have an opportunity to grow and make a direct impact on trading by developing and improving all the parts of the trading applications for internal and external users, while also getting advice and guidance from very experienced developers and traders. You will get a lot of independence and responsibility right away, and you'll learn at an unprecedented speed.

What will you work on

This role will involve developing front end applications for Wintermute's new trading products and client facing portals, as well as internal trading applications and oversight/project management of corporate website frontend development. A great advantage of this position is to be part of creating and driving the vision for a platform/portal from scratch as well as overseeing the frontend experience across a range of customer lifecycle stages. 
You will work very closely across multiple teams at Wintermute, including product, marketing, trading and engineering. You’ll have an opportunity to improve your knowledge of building high-performance scalable applications, understand broader system architecture and to understand algorithmic crypto currency trading. 

We are open to experience from both personal and work-related projects. Interest in algorithmic trading is a plus.

Hard Skills requirements

    • 5+ years of frontend development experience
    • Experience in client facing financial or other professional services products is preferred but not mandatory (please mention products you built the front-ends for and their intended target users)
    • In-depth knowledge of frontend tech stack: node.js, npm, javascript, typescript and popular frameworks such as React (please feel free to share any available examples of frontends that you built)
    • Good understanding of infrastructure required for frontend/servers: CDN, Cloudflare or similar, web servers. 
    • Experience in developing secure frontend code (strong understanding of common security vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, other OWASP risks and best practices for testing & mitigating them)
    • Good understanding of frontend-backend integration, e.g. familiarity with AJAX or other methods for making asynchronous backend requests.
    • Ability to create responsive layouts 

Join our dynamic team and benefit from:

    • Working at one of the most innovative trading firms globally. 
    • Engaging projects offering accelerated responsibilities and ownership compared to traditional finance environments.
    • A vibrant working culture with frequent team meals, holiday celebrations, gaming events, and company-wide outings, including our annual Wintermute weekend getaway. 
    • A Wintermute-inspired office in central London, featuring an array of amenities such as table tennis and foosball, personalized desk configurations, a cozy team breakout area with games and free food. 
    • Great company culture: informal, non-hierarchical, ambitious, highly professional with a startup vibe, collaborative and entrepreneurial.
    • A performance-based compensation with a significant earning potential alongside standard perks like pension and private Health insurance.


    • Although we are unable to accept fully remote candidates, we support significant flexibility in regards to working from home and working hours.
    • We offer UK work permits and help with relocation

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Compensation: $90k - $100k *

Location: London

Benefits: Medical Insurance

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