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Data Center Operation Maintenance Engineer

$63k - $100k est.

This job is closed

Job Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for uploading, delisting, troubleshooting and processing of data center servers to ensure the operation and maintenance indicators achievement.

2.Responsible for server running status, data monitoring, and daily output operation and maintenance reports.

3.Responsible for daily inspection of the operating environment of the data center, testing and recording temperature and humidity, etc., to ensure the server operation smoothness.

4.Responsible for server security, assist in the statistics and registration of on-site assets, conduct regular inventory, and output asset reports.

5.Analyze the requirements and problems in the operation of data center, promote & improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of the data center.

6.Carry on inspection of data center in North America based on company's requirements

Job Requirements:

1.Married, holder of US visa (work visa or business visa).

2. Bachelor degree or above equivalent, proficient in English.

3. Experience in Data Center Operation & Maintenance is preferable.

4. Have basic data analysis ability and proficiency in using office software.

5. Strong learning ability, good communication and teamwork ability, good service consciousness.

6. Adapt to long-term business trip and shift work system, hardwork and ability to work under hardship.

7. Good command and great interest in blockchain technology is preferred.

8. Work location: Texas, willing to relocate to other data centers in the U.S. based on company's needs.

9. Bilingual and fluent Chinese.