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Sr. Software Engineer (Machine Learning Focus)

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Please note we are unable to provide immigration assistance (visa sponsorship) at this time.
Applicants must be eligible for a U.S. Top Secret Clearance to be considered for this position at CAT Labs.

CAT Labs is a technology startup specializing in building digital asset recovery and cyber defense tools for the government and private sector to fight crypto crime.¬†The CAT Labs team is the ‚ÄúSpecial Forces‚ÄĚ protectors of the crypto industry with unparalleled blockchain security experts, cryptographers, former U.S. Department of Defense computer scientists, ethical hackers, and U.S. Department of Justice investigators, who spent the past decade taking down some of the most prolific crypto criminals.

CAT Labs is developing cutting-edge encryption technology for crypto key management to prevent digital asset theft. It is also developing digital asset recovery tools for law enforcement and intelligence to address the pervasive and rapidly growing illicit use of cryptocurrency by transnational criminal organizations, terrorists, drug cartels, and malicious nation-states, which poses a significant threat to our nation’s safety and security.

CAT Labs' flagship software tool Recovery CAT automates and scales the process of discovery and recovery of digital assets from digital data collected in the context of criminal investigations, intelligence collection, and civil case litigation where asset recovery is at stake, such as bankruptcy, restructuring, estate disputes, and divorce law.    

We are looking for a talented Senior Software Engineer with a strong background in machine learning to join our team. Reporting to the Head of Technology, this individual will develop new features, test, and maintain code across our mission-critical products. 


    • Software Development
    • Contribute to the design and implementation of our digital asset recovery platform.
    • Develop front-end web UIs using modern tech stacks.
    • Design and build back-end microservices on AWS cloud infrastructure.
    • Develop secure and efficient APIs to facilitate platform functionality.
    • Design and implement scalable database models for reliable data storage and retrieval.

    • Machine Learning
    • Develop new statistical ML models.
    • Write, test, deploy, and maintain ML code across the full software development lifecycle.
    • Develop secure and efficient APIs to facilitate ML functionality.

    • Continuous Improvement
    • Continuously seek opportunities to optimize existing workflows for efficiency, speed, and accuracy.
    • Stay updated with the latest advancements in relevant technologies and explore their potential applications.

    • Documentation and Communication
    • Produce clear and comprehensive technical documentation (code comments, design docs, etc.) to describe the platform's internal and operational procedures.
    • Foster open communication with team members to ensure knowledge sharing and effective collaboration.


    • Required
    • Minimum 5 years of software development experience with at least 3 years of back-end development expertise.
    • Expertise in multiple programming languages including TypeScript, Python, and Go.¬†
    • Experience with modern web development using Angular, Node.js, and relational databases.
    • Expertise in AWS cloud architecture and infrastructure including microservice design and containerization.
    • Experience designing, building, and scaling production-grade Swagger/OpenAPI and database solutions.
    • Expertise in ML concepts and algorithms including neural networks, linear/logistic regression, support vector machines, random forests, dimensionality reduction, and reinforcement learning.
    • Expertise with ML frameworks such as Pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras, and Hugging Face.
    • Proficiency with MLOps and associated tools such as MLflow and Kubeflow.
    • Experience with optical character recognition and natural language processing applications.
    • Experience with continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles.
    • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in an agile environment.

    • Preferred
    • Prior experience in GovTech or highly-regulated environments.
    • Familiarity with blockchain integration.
    • Familiarity with digital forensics.
    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field.
$150,000 - $180,000 a year
Salary range:
Actual compensation within this range will depend upon the candidate's skills, experience, qualifications, and level of impact in the role.

We believe in taking care of our employees, so we offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes health, dental, and vision insurance, a generous 401(k) match, and unlimited vacation time to recharge and explore your passions.

At CAT Labs, we believe in the power of diverse perspectives and are dedicated to building an inclusive and equitable workplace where everyone feels valued and respected. We actively seek candidates from all backgrounds and encourage you to apply regardless of whether you meet all the qualifications listed. We understand that different experiences and skill sets can contribute significantly to our team's success.

CAT Labs is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected characteristic.
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