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$84k - $100k

$84k - $100k est.

About the Role

We are looking for a highly flexible individual who has a passion to learn and explore the great unknown but loves making beautiful products whether for developer consumption or for the everyday user. The role is perfect for those who like wearing many hats as one week you may be working on the frontend and the next researching the best ways to store decentralized time-series data on IPFS.

What will you do?

Build kickass frontends, backends, smart contracts(don’t worry we’ll help train you if you’re just starting), and infrastructure to help address climate change. Work with teams both inside of dClimate, Arbol, and elsewhere (we are huge fans of interoperability and integrating with other DeFi or Climate focused projects as we are collaborating with a few :) ). In the spirit of decentralization, you will be very self-directed and expected to pave many of the paths you wish to take.

What do you need?

  • Experience with Typescript, React, NextJS, Apollo, Grapqhl, Node

  • Customer Facing product experience (UI/UX design principle understanding - don’t worry we have an amazing designer but these skills help in building the best user experience)

  • Ability to work in an environment of continuous integration and deployment with peer review.

  • Strong CS fundamentals, including a good working knowledge of algorithms, data structures, cryptography, and developing event-driven/asynchronous distributed systems.

  • Passion for innovation and working in early-stage startups

  • Comfortable working self-directed with high autonomy

  • Deeply interested in addressing climate change

  • Developed and maintained highly reliable, scalable, and secure applications

Nice to Haves

  • Blockchain Experience

    • Solidity

    • Truffle / Hardhat / Brownie / Foundry

  • Experience working with Docker

  • Familiarity with Chainlink and IPFS / IPLD

  • Interest or Experience in deploying IoT Networks at scale

  • Experienced in industry best security practices and risk/failure analysis

  • Experience working in Open Source Communities

  • Familiarity with writing customer-facing SDKs

  • Ability to plan and execute performance tests