a16z Crypto Startup School

15 lessons from a16z:

  1. Crypto Networks and Why They Matter
  2. Blockchain Primitives: Cryptography and Consensus
  3. Setting Up and Scaling a Crypto Company
  4. Applications: Today & 2025
  5. Opportunities for Crypto in Gaming
  6. Business Models and Value Capture
  7. Cryptoeconomics 101
  8. Deep Dive: How and Why to Decentralize Your Project
  9. Developer Community Building
  10. Managing a Distributed Workforce
  11. Protocol to Product
  12. Secure Smart Contract Development
  13. Crypto Regulators and Token Securities
  14. Fundraising
  15. Crypto Statup School Documentary
By Brian Armstrong, Chris Dixon, Balaji and many more

All videos can be found here: https://a16z.com/crypto-startup-school/

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