Blockchain Fundamentals. Course by Berkeley University

The Blockchain Fundamentals DeCal is a comprehensive survey of relevant topics in cryptocurrency and the wider blockchain space made by Berkeley University.

From a technological standpoint, we start with the basics of cryptography and economics, establish a solid fundamental understanding of Bitcoin by building it from the bottom up, then explore the myriad of ideas and technologies relating to blockchain technology.

On the non-technical side, we start with the history of digital currency, then look at the laws, organizations, trends, and communities behind it to build a complete picture of the ecosystem surrounding blockchain technology.


Lecture 1 - A High Level Overview
Lecture 2 - From Cypherpunks to JP Morgan Chase
Lecture 3 - Bitcoin Mechanics and Optimizations
Lecture 4 - Mining Wallets & More
Lecture 5 - Ethereum and Smart Contracts
Lecture 6 - Game Theory and Attacks
Lecture 7 - Alternative Consensus Mechanisms
Lecture 8 - Cryptoeconomics and Proof-of-Stake
Lecture 9 - Enterprise Blockchain
Lecture 10 - Cryptocurrency for the Masses
Lecture 11 - Anonymity Mixing & Altcoins
Lecture 12 - A Blockchain Powered Future

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