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Ante Labs


$90k - $120k

Chief of Staff

Ante Labs
$90k - $120k

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About Ante Labs

Ante Labs
is a 5-person, remote-first web3 startup building Ante. Our mission is to automate monetary peace of mind for the world. We are backed by top crypto VCs and successful founders.

Ante solves the problem of, “DeFi is supposed to be money Legos, but is really money Jenga.” Ante hosts on-chain, incentivized, non-custodial tests for smart contracts for any web3 project that checks key assumptions in real-time. Ante enables greater protocol interoperability and we believe it is necessary for crypto to grow. We hope to bootstrap Ante into a decentralized Schelling Point for measuring trust.

We believe open finance innovation will transform global finance. We have started building a simple, self-serve primitive that measures the trust of on-chain guarantees, and plan to bootstrap that primitive into the world’s first decentralized “trust ratings” system. If successful, Ante may become not just a standard that helps DeFi scale, but also a thin layer that wraps any implicit guarantee in web3: cross-chain uptime, mining pool behavior, DAO actions, even “digital physics” of the metaverse.

About the Role

We are seeking an all-around operations pro who can develop and execute to completion a diverse set of organizational initiatives while working in concert with the founding team. 

This is a unique opportunity to build and execute a full stack marketing and business development process. By gaining a deep understanding of the product, the space, and the team, you will formulate a brand voice, create content, and clearly explain value propositions to partner protocols, users, the dev community, and everybody in between. 

Internally, you  will increase the organization’s overall throughput through streamlining decision-making processes, improve internal communication, while sharpening the flow of information between the CEO, the team, and external parties. 


Business Development

  • Define the go-to-market strategy to fast-track product adoption, making it simple for users and partner protocols to understand the value propositions
  • Create content to publish through our communication channels
  • Develop a deep understanding of partner’s needs, as well as challenger’s needs–develop systems to collect data from both groups and communicate to product and technical teams
  • Integrate Ante’s product narrative and messaging within all active communication channels and outward facing user experience 
  • Create short, digestible materials to keep the team aware of the state of communication/business development efforts, as well as changes in brand messaging
  • Identify partnership opportunities and develop pitch strategies
  • Develop an understanding of the product sufficient to answer questions from users/community members/partner protocols
  • Develop and maintain a deep understanding of the space (crypto, DeFi, security) and remain up-to-date on projects and initiatives in the space
  • Attend virtual and in person conferences and hackathons, and engage the dev community


  • Collaborate with the CEO and tech lead(s) to identify and communicate organizational priorities on a regular cadence
  • Gain insight into project queues and ensure forecasting and delivery success
  • Develop tool usage recommendations with leadership, and enforce compliance
  • Utilize a data driven approach to solve problems, and set KPIs for the organization
  • Spearhead all communications for internal presentations, protocol partners, and investors 
  • Exercise discretion with highly confidential or sensitive information


  • Prior experience in Strategy, BizOps, Chief of Staff, or similar roles
  • Excellent project management skills with a track record of strong execution 
  • Strong ability to lead large-scale programs involving multiple functions and stakeholders
  • Professional experience using sql, Python, or other programming languages
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills across multiple dimensions 
  • Demonstrated data-driven approach to problem solving within unstructured work environments
  • Knowledge of crypto / DeFi and / or strong desire to learn about the space