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$36k - $55k est.
CA Los Angeles US

Position: Contract, Remote


Movement Strategy is an independent social media agency. Now at its 15-year, with 145+ employees across offices, we produce groundbreaking content for partners including Bravo, Paramount Plus, Netflix, Prime Video, and Warner Bros.

Community Managers are the face and voice of today's largest brands. They are master storytellers, brand planners, copy editors, strategists, publishers and customer service all rolled into one. We are looking for someone in this role to work on our emerging Web 3 and NFT clients. Are you the right fit?

Movement Strategy is on the hunt for someone with 2-3 years of agency or advertising experience working across day-to-day community engagement, social moderation, and publishing management. We're looking for an organized and enthusiastic team member that will work with internal and external teams to help produce and publish content, grow brand communities, address individual needs from a customer service perspective, and consistently monitor and optimize our social channels.

Applicants must be interested in several things for this role. First and foremost, you’re interested in Discord, NFTs, the metaverse, and all things Web 3. Second, you constantly think of ways people and brands can connect with one another. Third, you’re looking for a home that fosters these characteristics and allows you to grow.


— Platform Moderation: You have experience moderating Reddit, Discord or other communities. This includes reviewing content, flagging problematic behavior, and knowing when to warn or remove posts and/or users.

— Editorial Content Development: You have experience in creating and managing social media content calendars for large global brands. Think master global calendar with supporting local calendars. This includes everything from planning key dates and strategic moments, to developing both copy and images for individual pieces of content nuanced by the market. This requires strong communication, close collaboration with the creative team members, personal creativity, and organization to own these calendars efficiently and effectively.

— Community Management: you seek to provide value to individuals in the most natural way possible. This translates into management of content posting and strategic community interactions, in addition to specific customer service inquiries and questions. You are closely in tune with the overall social conversation, and can quickly identify trends, and engagement opportunities to insert the brand in.

— Strategic Development: you’re comfortable collaborating with the team to develop engagement strategies for brands that help achieve key business objectives. Developing cool activations is the base, but you understand how they 1) speak to key audiences, 2) weave in important insights, 3) help accomplish a larger initiative. Social listening and ongoing monitoring of social conversations is critical in uncovering the right opportunities.

— Creative Writing : you understand a brand’s voice, especially how to adopt this into the social vernacular. Perhaps more important, you handle revisions and direction from your supervisor positively and efficiently.

— Team Communication: you’ll be confident and comfortable interacting with both your internal teams and Clients on a regular basis. Often, you’ll be called upon to explain the insight behind your work and help others understand the overall strategy of the content/activations you manage, and how to make it better.


  • Strong organizational skills (manage multiple channels and global/local market content calendars)
  • Well-versed and up to speed in the latest social media technologies, platforms, services and analytics tools.
  • Proven writing skills (technical and creative)
  • Strong collaborator across internal and client teams
  • Quick with feedback and revisions
  • Keen with accuracy and proofreading
  • Can handle multiple work streams and points of contact with ease


  • 3+ years experience creating and managing social media content for brand/owned channels, agency setting preferred
  • A creative background (no formal requirements -- we’re open to hearing your story)
  • Expert knowledge with all current social platforms (posting, scheduling, and creating content)
  • Experience with social listening and publishing tools
  • Impeccable writing, public speaking and overall communication skills. This will entail copywriting, client communications and reporting
  • Content and editorial expert
  • Passionate and knowledgeable about film, the entertainment industry, pop-culture, and relevant markets
  • On top of the latest industry trends, breakthrough creative campaigns, emerging technologies, pop culture and current events. Bring forward opportunistic ideas proactively to take advantage of these trends in real-time.
  • Strategic thinker at the core with the ability to identify an insight and turn it into a sound strategic recommendation
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills; demonstrate a mastery of metrics, and understand what is working and how we can make things better
  • Proficient in Keynote, G-suite and all social platforms
  • Must be self-motivated and a master multi-tasker who crushes day-to-day interactions but understands and takes action on road-mapping and planning ahead
  • Ability to prepare client-ready documents and liaise with clients and brand agency partners


  • You’re proactive and naturally curious about the digital space, constantly looking for opportunities
  • You are passionate about the work you do and treat your client’s business as if it were your own
  • You make others’ jobs easier (no matter who they are or what they do)
  • You create a positive and open environment when around others
  • Your attention to detail is unmatched
  • You’re the hardest worker in town
  • You know how to hustle
  • You have a diverse and inclusive perspective

Salary & Compensation

In compliance with local and state law, we are disclosing the compensation for roles that will be performed in New York City, Colorado, and California. The range listed is just one component of Movement Strategy’s total compensation package for employees. Other rewards may include annual bonuses, short- and long-term incentives, and program-specific awards

Hourly Range: $20-30 per hour

Movement Strategy is an Equal Opportunity Employer

At Movement, we believe that what we put out into the world matters. And since we were founded on the principles of paving our own path, we take bold steps towards what we believe is the right direction. This means addressing the big stuff: the systems of inequality that impact some of us far more than others. As culture creators, we firmly believe we have a responsibility to our colleagues, clients, communities, and the industry to live up to the Movement name. We confront inequities head-on as they come, knowing that this work is never done and that we must keep the momentum.