Hale Crypto is hiring a
Web3 Co-founder/CTO

Salary: $0k

Hawaii Honolulu United States

Hale Crypto is building an exchange catered initially to targeting the Hawaiian population.

Hey - I'm Sean. I've been working on Hale Crypto for a while now and it's time to bring someone in. My background is in nonprofit Finance and Operations, but I am crypto-native and am deeply knowlegable about the space. You can find my book - The Story of Money: The Journey From Shells and Shekels to Bills and Bitcoin - on Amazon.

I'm looking for a Co-founder/CTO to help build Hale Crypto. Don't worry, it might not be as intimidating as you think.

At launch, and as the MVP, Hale Crypto will use an onramp company/service for the initial product. We can connect with their API's for wallets, transfers, and exchanges. This will make it much easier for us to launch than building an exchange from scratch and is highly cost-effective. The technical cofounder will need to implement this so that we have a proper, intuitive, customer facing exchange.

The plan is to build a customer base and start earning revenue right away, utilizing the crypto onramp. In the future, once funding is secured, we will develop and build our own complete platform.

I'm looking for someone who is excellent technically and is highly knowledgable about the crypto space.

This position will be part-time and equity-only for the foreseeable future. Still, this is a good opportunity. I'm not going to have you do an unreasonable amount of work, and there is a very good chance to capture a small but not insignificant market. Hawaii needs more tech companies and I'm going to build one.

You're going to have to impress me though. I am looking for excellence.

Big bonus points if you live in Hawaii. I know that might not be likely though...

Hale Crypto focuses on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in Honolulu. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://halecrypto.com/

Posted: 14d ago

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