(N)ever (F)orget (T)his is hiring a
Web3 Creative Project Manager - Part Time

Compensation: $149k - $150k


(N)ever (F)orget (T)his is a member-driven documentary series, enabled by Web3. Visit the project site to learn more about what we’re building.

We envision a future in which consumers become participants and the most impactful media platforms regenerate wise & vital cultures rather than exploit our attention.

We’re all contractors, and many of us are working on multiple projects, so we don’t expect you to give your sole attention to (N)(F)(T). However, we do expect that you’re committed and present to the needs and opportunities of your role.

Like Web3 in general (N)(F)(T) is a quickly adapting project. We are storytelling the movement and responding to opportunities as they arise, while staying committed to our north star to pioneer participatory, human-focused storytelling.

We’re a quickly growing, agile organization. We’re interested in seeding deep, long-term culture within our org and in our impact. We are a completely grant-funded project so far.

Role: Creative Project Manager

Keep our team focused and disciplined and delivering the best work we can (while growing and learning and playing too).

Time Commitment: Half-Time

Timing: Immediately

Compensation: $6,250 / month

The (N)ever (F)orget (T)his team is looking for an outstanding Creative Project Manager to provide inspired strategic & operational leadership and management, maintaining a smooth process for the ( N )( F )( T ) team that liberates contributing creators to generate timely, meaningful design, storytelling & art in service of a more human, regenerative Web3 ecology.

Partner closely with the Director / Executive Producer, Chief Learning Officer, and Head of Strategy to hold the complexity of the project with grace, and to help ensure steady, meaningful progress. Act as glue and bridge between team members & departments to make sure that all are communicating effectively and that every team members' decisions are informed by all others. Establish and maintain the project management system and manage timelines for the delivery of all components across the entire project: film production, microsite production and film integration, distribution & community engagement.


  • Deep executive experience leading creative teams to deliver outstanding creative work.
  • Significant fluency and experience interfacing and managing creative production & design teams.
  • A demonstrated history of operational excellence, self-leadership, and follow-through.
  • A strong sense of personal commitment to prioritizing well-being & human values in their work ~ truth, beauty, etc.
  • A strong commitment to modeling & maintaining work/life balance in the role, effectively setting boundaries, etc.
  • Nice to have — meaningful understanding of the crypto / Web3 / NFT space; interest & alignment with the values of open-source / Web3.
🌿 In an interest in creating the conditions for more diverse perspectives in our team, we encourage BIPOC & neuro-diverse candidates to apply for this role.


  • Relate deeply with the (N)(F)(T) team to support each team member in finding fitness (the role / expectation matches well with the demand) & meaning (they feel seen / supported / and a “part of”).
  • Help to generate & maintain the conditions for the outstanding creative output at every level of the organization ~ from the filmmaking / storytelling to the design, marketing, & community engagement.
  • Comprehensive oversight of all departments & workstreams, ensuring that team members are clear on their goals / milestones / deliverables & unblocked in their execution. Drive follow-up & follow-through across every part of the project.
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive project roadmap in partnership with project leadership; synthesize each team member’s role & capacity to ensure that everything remains on track. Coordinate / communicate / support recommitments as necessary in relation to team members’ capacity & workload.
  • Manage team members’ work within the project budget and time constraints.
  • Ensure that all team members efforts are aligned with the strategic goals of the project as a whole at each phase and that each team member is clear about how their work contributes to the whole.
Key Activities

  • Actively manage & engage in our communications and project management tools, e.g. Slack, Notion & Asana, and support other team members to do the same.
  • Actively communicate with team members to ensure they remain clear about their work and its value, and supported to accomplish it.
  • Continuously refine the project management system so that it stays up to date and is being effectively used by all team members. Make iterative improvements to project management system throughout the course of the project.
  • Stay in close communication with the Director / Executive Producer, Chief Learning Officer, and Head of Strategy to continue to update team members’ work in relationship to changing project strategy and goals and project budget and time constraints.

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