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There are 3 Web3 Jobs at dYdX Foundation

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What you’ll be doing

Enhance dYdX Brand narrative

  • Craft and amplify the dYdX brand story within the trading and DeFi communities, utilizing innovative and engaging social media strategies

Manage global social media strategy and execution

  • Plan and execute a social media strategy, focusing on high-quality content, increasing output, optimizing, testing, learning, and improving performance
  • Manage the end-to-end process of ideating, writing, executing, and reporting on social media content across multiple platforms, including X and Discord
  • Oversee and improve the content strategy for all global social media channels, including Twitter and Discord, and the growth strategy for global community channels
  • Experiment with new channels (Telegram, Reddit, Farcaster, LinkedIn, Youtube)
  • Create and produce marketing collateral and materials, working with a designer to enhance engagement and results

Improve dYdX Ecosystem community engagement

  • Foster a vibrant, informed, and engaged community across social media platforms, ensuring alignment with dYdX's values and goals
  • Develop and execute a social media marketing strategy to foster engagement and growth
  • Contribute to the creation of compelling and educational content, identifying opportunities and executing content across multiple platforms
  • Collaborate with strategic partners, media outlets and influencers to amplify reach, creating mutually beneficial marketing campaigns that drive ecosystem growth

Report on analytics & insights

  • Utilize social media analytics to inform strategies, monitor brand sentiment, and identify opportunities for brand growth and engagement
  • Manage and improve social media, community data, attribution pipeline, and tool stack
  • Monitor and analyze key marketing performance metrics to assess the impact of marketing initiatives, providing weekly, monthly, and quarterly insights for continuous improvement

What we’re looking for

  • Based in Europe (+/- 3 hours)
  • Degen with a strong background in social media marketing, within the crypto, trading, or tech sectors
  • Proven track record of building and engaging vibrant online communities, with a flair for storytelling, and content creation (including GIFs and memes)
  • Analytical mindset with experience leveraging social media insights to drive strategy and growth.
  • Dynamic, creative thinker who can adapt to the fast-paced, evolving landscape of DeFi
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, capable of cross-functional collaboration and influencing without authority
  • Strong understanding of trading, blockchain tech, with the ability to communicate complex concepts effectively
  • Self-starter - able to create work streams and execute end-to-end based on marketing opportunities 
  • Structured, with a demonstrated ability to manage multiple relationships and stakeholders simultaneously
  • Proficient in task management systems, specifically Notion
  • Creative thinking and a proactive approach to problem-solving


About the dYdX Foundation

The dYdX Foundation is an independent foundation, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. Our mission is to grow the dYdX protocol ecosystem by enabling communities, developers, and decentralized governance. The recently launched dYdX Chain, a dedicated proof-of-stake blockchain network built using the Cosmos SDK, is already the leading decentralized derivatives exchange.

At the dYdX Foundation, you are invited to champion the growth of a community-centric ecosystem, leveraging decentralized technologies to revolutionize global financial markets. Your contributions at this critical juncture will lay the groundwork for the dYdX Chain's trajectory. Bolstered by a recent $30M injection from the community treasury, we are poised for sustained innovation over the next three years. This role offers a timely opportunity to make a significant impact.

Working Culture at dYdX Foundation

We are a dynamic, remote-first team with a passion for decentralization and innovation. Our team members spread across the globe within 8 hours of UTC bring a wealth of knowledge and insight from various corners of the dYdX and blockchain ecosystems. The dYdX Foundation supports your remote working needs and contributes to health insurance, professional development, and more. Despite our virtual environment, we value human connection, organizing in-person meetups 2-4 times a year, with additional opportunities for those in marketing roles.