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Senior Web3 Engineer

$165k - $187k

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Are you excited about crypto and web3? Passionate about delivering quality software, systems and user experiences? Motivated to take action on the climate crisis? We’re looking for a motivated Senior Web3 Engineer to help us take the Nori platform to the next level. Experience with React, Typescript, GraphQL and Solidity or related smart contract development essential! Mission alignment (solve climate change) is a must.

About Nori

We’re a team of believers. We believe that humanity can stop and even reverse climate change by removing over 1 trillion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. How do we get people to remove that much carbon at scale? Pay them! Nori’s marketplace is the infrastructure that creates the financial incentive for people and companies to remove massive amounts of CO2 from the air.

Nori is a venture-backed and highly values-oriented company. Our focus is on people and the planet. We’re composed of a diverse set of people with complementary skill sets, all unified in the mission of restoring the world’s atmospheric carbon balance back to 300ppm.

We strongly suggest that you read in detail about our company values and mission at

About the role

At Nori we follow a lightweight Scrum process. We take Nori’s value of Continuous Improvement seriously and are always refining our process to suit the needs of the team and the moment. We lean heavily on developer-written tests and CI/CD to have confidence in our releases. Our QA functions focus on elaborating test plans with engineers, filling in gaps in our automated test coverage, and looking at the big picture. Our product and design team members are relentlessly customer-focused and spend a great deal of their time learning from our stakeholders and customers on both sides of the marketplace. Nonetheless, we work to create opportunities for all members of the product and engineering teams to have as much access to stakeholders and customers as they want.

Some of the exciting projects coming for our team this year include building out an interface layer over our carbon removal registry, building DApp experiences for carbon buyers and NORI token holders and developing on-chain integrations and partnerships with protocols and services that want to automatically remove carbon as part of the transaction flows.

Who You’ll Work With

You’ll be a key member of the Product Engineering team at Nori. You will work closely with a cross-functional product delivery team including frontend and backend engineers, product management, project management, product design and QA. You will also have ample opportunity to interact with the other teams throughout the company.

Each of these teams work a little bit differently, but they work hand in hand with each other to create an inventory of verified carbon removals that can be sold through our marketplace.

The Product Team

The Product Team is responsible for the Nori marketplace, supply-side enrollment app, marketing website, and any of the technical/software aspects of Nori’s work. We are actively expanding the product team to build out a second product delivery squad. The Product Team works with the other teams—Supply, Sales, and Communications—to support business development needs.

The Supply & Methodology Teams

The Supply Team works with Nori Suppliers: anyone who can verifiably remove and store CO2 from the atmosphere. The Methodology team works on developing the requirements for how projects are enrolled (see current methodology). Both teams report to the Head of Supply and Methodology. As Nori’s current focus is on our Croplands Methodology, the Supply team is working with farmers as well as the partners and companies around them to enroll croplands into the Nori market.

The Demand Team

The Demand team sells carbon removals. Specifically they sell Nori Removal Tonnes (NRTs) to B2B customers as well as through partnerships with other companies, like NFT marketplaces and carbon footprint companies. They stay in tight communication with the Supply team about how much inventory they will have to work with. And they partner with the Communications team around how to get marketing messaging out, and create new content for presenting to potential customers and partners.

The Communications and Marketing Team

The Comms and Marketing team produces and hosts our two podcasts, Reversing Climate Change and Carbon Removal Newsroom, as well as manages all our marketing and social media channels.

Key Aspects of the Role

  • Creative problem solving. We’re a small team solving big problems and there will always be more work than time to do it. Creatively delivering customer value efficiently, predictably, and with high quality is the responsibility of every member of our team.
  • Collaboration and communication. We’re a cross-functional team; clear communication without ego, frustration or defensiveness is expected from everyone. Assume best intentions and Honesty above all else are two of Nori’s company values.
  • Learning. Are you an expert in DeFi, Carbon Markets and Regenerative Agriculture? I didn’t think so! The state of the art is changing quickly in all of those areas and there will be tons of opportunity to learn! A big dose of self-directed learning will be essential to your success here. Continuous Improvement is another Nori value.
  • Technical Influence. Nori’s platform is young and there’s an abundance of room for you to exert your technical influence to help us mold it into a strong and flexible foundation on which we can grow. This aligns with Nori’s value: Act with the end in mind.
  • Adaptability. Nori is still a very small company. We strive to avoid distractions and limit work in progress (another Nori value) but plans and priorities do change as they do in every startup. You’ll get the opportunity to work with different people and on varied projects.

Our Tech Stack

Solidity, Node.js, Typescript, React, Next.js, GraphQL, GCP, Kubernetes, Hardhat.

You’ll Be Responsible For…

  • Contributing to our Solidity smart contracts and Typescript + GraphQL application layer
  • Lead or architect responsibilities in building and evolving our Polygon PoS based marketplace
  • Contribute to design and implementation of storage and analysis tools for our on-chain and cloud-hosted data sources
  • Contributing to test plans and implementing component-level tests and functional tests for the features you work on
  • Providing code reviews for your peers
  • Supporting and troubleshooting services in our production deployment as needed


  • 7+ of software development experience
    • At least 2 years Node.js / Typescript experience
    • At least 1 year developing and deploying smart contracts (strong preference for Solidity) and related distributed app development

  • Experience with database-backed software projects
  • Experience on a cross-functional engineering team collaborating on a codebase using modern development toolchain and CI/CD platform


  • NextJS experience
  • EVM-specific blockchain experience
  • Solidity smart contract development experience
  • Experience working in a startup environment

You’ll be a good culture fit here if you can...

  • Handle a steep learning curve
  • Enjoy a lively discussion about the problem or technical problem at hand
  • Are open to sharing your work in progress and getting feedback early and often
  • Work with abstract ideas and requirements to create something more concrete
  • Know how to measure progress meaningfully
  • Stay playful and light without taking things too seriously or personally
  • Limit work in progress and stay focused on the current goal

Key challenges in this role

We’re still a small team and the temptation to get pulled in many directions is strong. We will rely on your ability to stay focused. You will be expected to be a leader in the skills you bring, to continue to hone those skills, and to learn some new ones at a pace that works for you. We will also expect you to devote some time to coaching and mentoring other team members with the goals of distributing knowledge across the team and continually bring up the level of the entire team.

What’s the payoff for all this hard/fun work?

You’re not just working at some mobile ads startup—you’re directly helping build products to reverse climate change. Here are some of the non-cash benefits we offer:

  • 100% of health, dental, and vision benefits covered for you and dependents
  • Ability to accrue four weeks of PTO, up to five after a year of service
  • Paid holidays, including the week between Christmas and New Year’s off every year
  • 12 weeks of parental leave
  • 401k with 3% company match
  • Relocation assistance if necessary
  • Stock options
  • NORI tokens

Beyond those measurable benefits, we also think this is just a really fun place to work:

  • You’ll get to work with experts in carbon sequestration and marketplace economics who are defining a new industry.
  • There is a steep learning curve here, and for people who get excited by that, there’s no better place to be.
  • We have a lot of fun in our office, keep a well-stocked pantry and fridge, and generally like each other’s company. Happy hours in Ballard happen regularly!


We are committed to in-person work in our Ballard neighborhood office in Seattle and look forward to meeting you there.

The expected salary range for this role is between $165,600 to $187,200 depending on experience. We use detailed benchmarking tools to establish salary and equity offers, and everyone at the company is paid in the 60th percentile for their experience and role. For this reason, we’re transparent about what we can pay you, and we don’t negotiate on compensation.

How to Apply

Please fill out the form below. Once submitted, you can expect to hear back from our team in the coming weeks.

Please note that this opportunity does not provide visa sponsorship.

Thank you in advance for your time!