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$45k - $63k est.
Bengaluru India

Jediswap is a community driven organization on a mission to bring decentralized finance to everyone in the world. Our flagship product, Jediswap, helps users swap crypto assets without losing the custody of their assets. Compared to other solutions in decentralized exchanges, Jediswap is cheap, secure and easy to use with the powerful technology of Starknet on its back. Starknet is a layer 2 network on top of Ethereum which uses validity proofs to scale Ethereum. Jediswap has already been used by ~2M users and we are growing rapidly. Jediswap has an interesting approach to building organization as well with most of the decision making and operations being executed by community contributors. And now sustain and support this rapid growth, and this unique organization model we are looking for a sharp front end engineer to help the community with frontend. Everything we do at Jediswap is open source.

What you’ll do here at Jediswap:

  • Lead frontend architecture and development for Jediswap community

  • Lead community frontend contributors in open source environment

  • Optimize builds and frontend performance by using state of the art frontend technologies.

What we are looking for in you:

  • Experience with web3 frontend libraries like web3 js

  • Experience with remote work

  • Curiosity about web3

  • Good grip on frontend frameworks like react, nextjs, redux etc

  • Self accountability

  • 1+ years of experience with web3 frontend development, age is not a criteria

  • Hackathon participation is a plus

You should apply if:

  1. You are an autonomous, critical thinker with razor-sharp problem-solving skills

  2. You are passionate about web3

  3. You are exceptional at time management and have a proven track record of being able to work efficiently with minimum supervision

What happens after you apply: (steps of the interview process)

Round 1: Introductory HR round (screening questionnaire)

Round 2: Detailed deepdive session (30- 45 mins)

Round 3: A small exercise

Round 4: Culture fit round (with Rohit 45 mins)

Round 5: Offer discussion

Why Jediswap?

Jediswap is leading the crypto frontier from two angles. We are building products that benefits from crypto’s power promise of self custody and self sovereignty while making sure they are easy and cheaper to use compared to 1st gen crypto products. We are also innovating the way organizations work with a community-led approach. There are already 50+ developers who have contributed to Jediswap. We measure contributions for everyone in a fair and transparent way.

Career Growth & Development: At Jediswap, we invest in people with commitment and potential. You'll have access to continuous learning opportunities, networking events, and the potential for rapid career advancement in web3 space.

Competitive Compensation:Enjoy a competitive salary package and token incentives that reward your dedication and hard work.

Be Part of a Revolution:Contribute to the transformation of decentralized finance and help shape the DAO(decentralized autonomous organization) space.