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Bengaluru, India

$90k - $100k


Bangalore, India

$87k - $115k



$105k - $117k



$90k - $118k


Bengaluru, India

$72k - $90k

Arbitrum Foundation


$62k - $100k

Sarvatech Labs Pvt Ltd

Bengaluru, India

$71k - $150k

Polygon Labs

Bengaluru, India

$81k - $100k

Seven Bits Technologies

Ahmedabad, India

$45k - $82k

Sarvatech Labs Pvt Ltd

Bengaluru, India

$55k - $75k

GravityX Capital


$50k - $70k



$18k - $30k

QuillHash Technologies


$17k - $34k






$60k - $120k


Bengaluru, India

$30k - $75k

Cruize Finance


$60k - $100k

Rypto carbon


$72k - $12k


Delhi, India

$15k - $20k

Plena Finance


$72k - $18k



$28k - $36k

Joint NFT


$115k - $2k


Hyderabad, India

$12k - $36k

Cryption Network


$100k - $16k

Joint NFT


$115k - $2k

BlockChain Developer Core Work Location Bengaluru

$90k - $100k est.

This job is closed

About Liminal:

At Liminal our mission is to simplify self custody. We make digital assets safer, efficient and rewarding for individuals and businesses without giving up control and ownership.Liminal is an enterprise-grade platform that offers a robust infrastructure for managing digital assets.Liminal enables exchanges, custodians, banks, trading desks, and hedge funds to securely scale their digital asset operations through HSM backed plug and play wallet architecture. Our zero key leakage tolerance approach helps institutions in eliminating the risks associated with digital asset transfers, such as, cyber attacks, internal collusion, and human error. Liminal's operations excellence framework provides efficient fees management, transaction confirmation guarantees, auto-refilling, sweeping, batching and other wallet operations. Our proprietary regulatory readiness program, which includes AML checks,quarantine wallets, key residency, travel rule and CCSS-compliant platforms, helps businesses fast-track their compliance journey.

Liminal is founded by Mahin Gupta (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mahingupta/), who previously co-founded ZebPay - one of India's largest crypto exchanges. The entire founding team at Liminal has extensive experience in designing and developing secure wallet architectures with operational efficiencies. Liminal is incorporated in Singapore and has operations across the globe. Liminal has processed transactions over $6 billion and has ~$600 million worth of Assets Under Protection.

Our Linkedin profile - https://www.linkedin.com/company/lmnlhq/about/?viewAsMember=true

Our website - https://www.lmnl.app/

Job Title: Blockchain Developer (Core)

Job Location: Bangalore Office


1. Blockchain Architecture:

- Lead the design and development of blockchain wallets, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.
- Implement and maintain wallet functionalities such as key management, transaction processing, and integration with various blockchain networks.
- Architect scalable and secure blockchain wallet solution.
- Evaluate and select appropriate blockchain platforms and technologies.

2. Development and Coding:

- Integrate wallets with various blockchain networks, ensuring compatibility with different cryptocurrencies and tokens. - Stay updated on blockchain network upgrades and implement necessary changes to support them.
- Write high-quality, maintainable, and efficient code.

3. Technical Leadership:

- Lead and participate in code reviews to ensure code quality and adherence to best practices.

4. Collaboration:

- Work closely with cross-functional teams, including blockchain developers, QA engineers, and product managers, to deliver high-quality wallet solutions.

5. Security and Performance Optimisation:

- Implement robust security measures to safeguard blockchain systems and transactions. - Optimize blockchain transaction performance and scalability.

6. Documentation and Knowledge Sharing:

- Create and maintain comprehensive technical documentation.
- Conduct knowledge-sharing sessions to enhance the team's expertise in blockchain development.

1. Education:
- Bachelor's or Master's or Advance degree in Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology, or a related field.

2. Experience:
- 6+ years of experience as a Core Blockchain Developer preferably in secure wallet, transaction, parsing block information, with a demonstrable track record of leading successful blockchain projects.

3. Technical Skills:
- Expertise in programming languages such as TypeScript, nodeJs, C++, Python or Solidity.
- In-depth knowledge of blockchain platforms like EVM based chain like Ethereum , UTXO based chain like BTC, or others.
- Proficiency in using development tools such as metamask, Remix, blockchain explorers and others. - In depth knowledge of secure key management.
- In-depth knowledge of different cryptography methods and standards used in block chains.

4. Process and Tools:

- Should have experience in working in Agile Methodologies
- Should have experience using version control and source control tools like github/gitlab etc.

5. Others:

The candidate may be required to work on weekends/public holidays. The candidate will be eligible to take any other day as an off between Monday to Friday of their choice if he works on weekends/public holidays...

Best in Class Salary

At Liminal, we appreciate the good talent, and ensure that our employees are compensated with the salary brackets that are best in the industry.

15-Day Salary

No need to wait till the end of the month anymore! Get your salary credited every 15 days.


We don’t like to micromanage. We believe it's impolite to ask employees to punch in & out or follow similar activities to track the number of working hours. We trust our employees to get the job done and achieve the identified goals.


A liberal ESOP policy, ensures that every employee remains motivated toward the success of the organisation and does not take this as any other job task. By adopting an excellent ESOP policy, we want to ensure that our employees benefit immensely from the growth of the organisation.

Liminal Book Club

Liminalites believe in the power of reading. Whether fiction or non-fiction, reading habits can fetch maximum ROI on time and money invested. You can raise a request for a book, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. No need to return or share, it’s yours to keep forever.

Health Insurance

We care for our beloved Liminalites. Our health insurance provides comprehensive coverage to our employees and their spouses and dependent children.

Lifetime free access

Liminal employees receive lifetime free access to the Liminal Vaults platform even after they decide to move on. Employees will additionally get Trezors / Ledgers at zero cost as a part of their onboarding. You can enjoy the benefits of the software as well as the hardware for free.

Best in Class Devices and Subscriptions

Get the best devices and tools you need to deliver your work. We provide the best subscriptions to ensure the highest levels of work efficiency.

HealthyMe Program

The challenge consists of completing exercise of any sort (physical/ mental/ walk /run /cycle / any sport/ game) consecutively for 30 days for 30 minutes, 4 times within the 6 months and receive a monetary reward of $30 for each 30-day streak.

Employee Referral

Under the Referral Bonus Program our employees can earn incentives to introduce new talent to the organisation. The referral bonus will be credited to the employee account once the candidate completes 3 months with Liminal.

Growth Gateway Program

We believe in personal and professional growth, and we want our employees to have the tools they need to succeed. We offer a wallet of USD 400 that can be used to enrol in any learning program or certification that you desire.

Netflix Family Plan

Weekends are to chill and rejuvenate. We are big believers in maintaining a good work-life balance. Employees can take time off and enjoy the entertainment with Netflix Family Plans, paid by Liminal.


We Are Liminal

At Liminal, we’re building the best home for digital assets. Making them secure and efficient every day!
As a team, we thrive to inspire and push you to live your dream and build a technology that challenges the status quo.

We Enable

Liminal is where crypto-native citizens live. We wish to make digital assets accessible, simple, transparent, and secure.


We are an ambitious team of individuals who are chasing the Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) and we work with full authority. There are no right or wrong decisions, but only timely or late decisions.
Thus, we execute with great speed. We think, we create, we deliver, and we drive innovation.

Emotionally Intelligent

Successful companies are built on strong and positive emotions, and we aim to drive this internally. Emotional intelligence leads to impactful results.
There may be tough days or even months, but we make sure we pull each other through a great and successful quarter. As a team, we celebrate even the small wins together.


We focus on the goal, and we ensure that the journey is fruitful too. We learn from each other’s experiences, whether success or failure, each chapter adds to a takeaway which is a useful lesson.
We share, express, and aim to achieve the planned outcome together as a team.


As a team, we are thankful to have each other's back. We are kind when we give feedback, and we take feedback positively. Liminal’s motivating culture to showcase one’s work, and share appreciation, sets us apart from others.

Process Driven

Seamless workflow between the team is the secret ingredient. We take ownership of our work, and ensure its delegated with due diligence and automated in time.

“It’s not about 500 people, but 500X people that makes the difference. And, this is what we follow at Liminal.”

We Grow Together

This is the best time to join Liminal. We’re building a team that is shaping the future of secured digital transactions. This learning experience will not just enhance your professional profile, but also add value to your personal growth.

Collaborative Work Environment

We spend most of our time at work, finding answers to problems or building solutions, and hence it becomes imperative to ensure that we enjoy our time at work. We take pride in the lively culture that we have built at Liminal.