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Taiwan, Taipei

Senior DevOps Engineer(K8S/AWS)

Asia / Taiwan, Taipei
Engineering – DevOps /
Full-time Onsite or Remote /

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    • Ensure the stability of infrastructure while continuously improving service performance, scalability, capacity, observability, and cost optimization.
    • Rapidly respond to and resolve any system failures, track incidents through complete lifecycle to ensure the implementation of optimized solutions.
    • Responsible for the setup and deployment of development/testing/production environments, enhancing platformization, and automation.


    • More than 3 years in AWS public cloud.
    • Solid skill in Kubernetes (k8s) stack, capable of resolving various complex issues.
    • Experience in cloud-native technologies is preferred.
    • Automation (Python, Go, Terraform).
    • CI/CD (GitHub Actions, Argocd, Argo workflow).
    • Familiar with middleware such as Nginx, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Redis, etc.

    • Optional:

    • Basic understanding of Cryptography.
    • Experiences of node operators in blockchain networks.
    • Acumen for popular blockchains, for instance, BTC, ETH, Cosmos.
    • Rich experience in deploying and maintaining Java Spring Cloud framework microservices.
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