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What is ERC 865?

ERC-865 is a proposed token standard for the Ethereum blockchain that aims to improve the user experience and reduce transaction costs associated with the transfer of tokens

It was proposed by Fabian Vogelsteller in 2018 as an improvement over existing token standards

One of the main advantages of ERC-865 is that it allows token transfers to be paid for by someone other than the sender, which is not possible with ERC-20 and ERC-223 standards

This means that users can send tokens without having to pay for the gas fees themselves, which can be particularly beneficial for dApps and services that require large amounts of token transfers

ERC-865 achieves this by introducing a new function called transferPreSigned, which allows a third party to pay for the gas fees associated with a token transfer

This function requires the token holder to sign a message containing the transfer details, which can then be submitted to the network by the third party

This reduces the amount of gas required for the transfer, as the gas fees can be paid in a more efficient manner

ERC-865 is designed to provide a more user-friendly and cost-effective token transfer experience on the Ethereum network

While it has not yet been widely adopted, it has the potential to reduce the burden of gas fees for users and dApps that require large amounts of token transfers.