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What is ERC 884?

ERC-884 is a proposed token standard for the Ethereum blockchain that extends the functionality of ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards by adding support for fractional ownership of assets

It was proposed by William Entriken and Robert A

Habermeier in 2018 as an improvement over existing token standards

One of the main advantages of ERC-884 is that it allows for the fractional ownership of real-world assets, such as property or commodities, to be represented on the blockchain

This can enable the creation of new types of financial products and investment opportunities, as well as provide greater transparency and liquidity for asset ownership

ERC-884 tokens represent a specific portion of an underlying asset, and can be traded and transferred like other tokens

For example, a piece of artwork could be divided into 1,000 tokens, and each token would represent 0.1% ownership of the artwork

Token holders would be able to transfer and trade their ownership stake in the artwork, providing a new way for investors to participate in the art market

ERC-884 is designed to provide a more flexible and extensible token standard for representing fractional ownership of assets on the Ethereum network

While it has not yet been widely adopted, it has the potential to enable new types of financial products and investment opportunities in the future.