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Competitions Administrator: PreEvent Specialist


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Code4rena's Competitions Administrators’ primary responsibility is to support sponsors, wardens, and judges through the competition process. Competitions Administrators are skilled multi-taskers with strong communication skills who help ensure that in a fast-moving system, quality remains high, and sponsors have an outstanding experience.

C4’s pre-event specialists focus on onboarding sponsors and shepherding them through the audit setup and launch process.

On a day-to-day basis, this looks like:

  • Coordinating with various stakeholders. You will be the main point of contact, answering questions and shepherding sponsors, wardens, and other community members throughout the competition process.
  • Problem solving and context switching. You will need to be able to switch between tasks and contexts efficiently and adjust focus based on needs.
  • Providing support to sponsors, wardens, and judges in performing their roles.
This is definitely more for folks who lean toward "N" over "S" from a Meyers-Briggs perspective and tend more toward extroversion as a lot of work as much of the work requires communication with various stakeholders involved in the process.

A curious mind is a distinct advantage here, as is a growth mindset (in the Carol Dweck sense). You will learn a lot in this job and be able to connect with people who are leading major projects in the web3 ecosystem.