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Singapore, Singapore

$96k - $120k

Gateway Nginx Engineer

$96k - $120k est.

This job is closed

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  1. Be responsible for building and deploying the Kong and nginx gateway cluster, managing and maintaining it, and dealing with failures to ensure the stable operation of the service.
  2. Be responsible for managing and maintaining the CDN acceleration lines.
  3. Encourage automation and stability construction of the gateway cluster configuration management, and improve monitoring alarms.
  4. Evaluate business requirements and configure domain proxies and forwards in the gateway.
  5. Identify and resolve online issues such as HTTP access errors, high latency, and other problems based on alarms or user feedback.
  6. Responsible for writing and specifying related documentation and guidelines for the gateway.


  1. Have relevant practical experience in operating and maintaining nginx, Kong, or OpenResty.
  2. Proficient in configuring and optimizing nginx basic settings and parameters, familiar with the functions and application scenarios of nginx common modules.
  3. Familiar with various system commands on the Linux operating system and able to effectively apply them to various troubleshooting needs.
  4. Proficient in TCP/IP protocol, HTTP protocol, and WebSocket protocol, able to use TCPdump to troubleshoot network-related problems.
  5. Proficient in using at least two scripting languages, such as Python, Shell, or Lua, skilled in using scripts to improve work efficiency.
  6. Proficient in DNS/CDN/WAF technologies, familiar with mainstream products such as Cloudfront/Akamai/Cloudflare.
  7. Familiar with load balancing products such as NLB/ALB.
  8. familiar with the configuration and application of various common services such as dns, SSH, ftp, ELK.
  9. Have experience using cloud services related to Alibaba Cloud or AWS.
  10. Strong in communication, coordination, and learning ability, with excellent teamwork skills.