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Founder and CEO

Boolean Labs
$150k - $200k

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Founder and CEO, New Venture: LLM-powered Developer Relations Software

The opportunity

The success of open source protocols, particularly in Web3, is directly correlated with developer activity and growth. This, in turn, is driven by developer relations professionals that support efficient developer onboarding and retention. However, talented web3 developer relations professionals are in limited supply and lack the proper tools to scale their expertise, creating friction for developers. Boolean Labs is building a set of tools to enable developer relations teams in Web3 and beyond to seamlessly onboard, educate and co-create with their developer community.

This venture has been significantly de-risked, with product-market fit verified and a solid commercial traction. Diagram provides capital, network, and support services, giving you the leverage you need to quickly scale this business. This opportunity is ideal for a motivated entrepreneur, looking to maximize their chances of success, all while retaining significant founder equity.

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for a founder and CEO to build on our early momentum while setting the long-term vision for the business. This would entail building out the founding team, expanding the early customer base, and building a compelling product.

Key responsibilities

  • Build and lead a high caliber team
  • Articulate and drive the strategic vision of the organization; define and oversee execution of product roadmap
  • Develop and maintain customer relationships across the industry
  • Provide overall leadership to the organization, working across all aspects and functions of the business (product, marketing, sales, services, engineering, finance, etc.)
  • Lead the fundraising efforts in conjunction with the management team and investors
  • Work closely with the investors/board, communicating regularly


  • Ability and credibility to sell the product vision and AI product differentiation to customers, investors, employees, and partners.
  • Strong product background with ability to build intuitive UI/UX and rapidly adapt use cases and product roadmap to changing market conditions and customer feedback.
  • Empathy for different Web3 and Web2 customer personas, including developer relations, product managers, technical writers, developers, and engineers.
  • Deep connections with top Web3 protocols and communities; e.g. L1s, L2s, cross-chain.
  • Understanding of how to leverage the unique elements of Web3 (e.g. community, token-based reputational systems, incentives, and access) to train LLMs with humans in the loop.
  • Data engineering strengths to structure, manage, and organize public and private data used in LLM models.

Nice to have

  • Technical expertise in NLP and machine learning including recent experience with training LLMs including vector databases and fine-tuning.


  • Meaningful equity ownership
  • Competitive compensation
  • Market-competitive health insurance and benefits
  • An opportunity to contribute and be part of something big, meaningful, and different

About Boolean Labs

Boolean Labs is a web3 venture studio that builds new technology businesses in web3/crypto from inception. Boolean brings together de-risked ideas with experienced founders and the capital and operational resources they need to grow and scale. Boolean Labs is a collaboration between Diagram Ventures, a venture builder with $300M in AUM and 18 new technology companies launched since 2016, and StreamingFast, a team of web3 builders, investors, and core developers of The Graph protocol.

What is prompt engineering?

Prompt engineering in AI refers to the process of creating and designing effective prompts or inputs for AI language models to generate human-like responses

Prompt engineering is an important technique for improving the quality and relevance of AI-generated outputs, particularly in natural language processing (NLP) tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and question-answering

Prompt engineers in AI are responsible for designing and implementing prompt systems that can generate high-quality outputs

They use a range of techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing, and data analysis to develop and improve prompts that are contextually relevant and effective

Prompt engineers work closely with other AI experts such as machine learning engineers, data scientists, and NLP specialists to ensure that the prompt systems are optimized for accuracy and efficiency

In addition to designing prompts, prompt engineers in AI also analyze and evaluate the performance of prompt systems, using metrics such as accuracy, fluency, and relevance

They use this information to refine and improve the prompt systems over time, ensuring that the AI-generated outputs remain accurate, relevant, and useful for end-users.